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The Outdoor Equipment & 4×4 Accessories

The 4×4 accessories include a lot of accessories such as skid plates, rooftop tents, bumpers, compressors, interiors, suspension products, hardtops, etc. that are designed specifically for each vehicle. They are designed to protect vulnerable vehicle underbody critical parts such as steering and oil pans, transmissions, and transfer cases. The strength of the iron plate is increased by making “folds” and “press lines” compared to flat iron plates. The skid plates not only make “folds” on 3mm iron plates but also realize higher strength than 3mm iron plates with folds simply by making “indentations” by pressing. In addition, by using laser cutting for cutting, the finish of the cut is good, and the corrosion resistance and durability of the iron plate are also excellent. 

Key Features: The Key Features of These Accessories Are: 

  • The maximum strength is achieved while keeping the thickness to minimum weight by applying a press process to a 3 mm iron plate cut out by laser cutting. 
  • All supplied steel parts are galvanized with a silver powder coat that is a textured finish. 
  • Bolt it to the chassis of the vehicle. Many of the bolts for mounting are structured so that they do not hit rocks directly, making it easy to remove them when repairing vehicles. 

Different Types of 4×4 Accessories: 

#1. Skid Plates: Within 4×4 accessories, the underbody is one of the most vulnerable areas for damage when driving off-road. A manufacturer-installed genuine guard is sufficient to protect the vehicle from stepping stones. But a more robust solution is needed to provide greater protection from rocks, stumps, and ruts encountered on dirt roads. For under-vehicle protection skid plates are great. Skid plates provide tailored vehicle protection for each vehicle to minimize the risk of damage to the most important parts of the vehicle’s drive train. When the skid plate is installed, the vehicle’s weight increases. 

#2. Rooftop Tent: This car rooftop tent is suitable for almost all kinds of cars as long as you have roof racks and crossbars on the car. Wherever you go camping, you can set it up and close it easily. To make your driving tour convenient, consider 4×4 accessories, such as a4WD off-road SUV camping rooftop tent. The features of this assessor are: 

  • It is easily mounted on many cars and prevents insects, dirt, and moisture harassment. 
  • Its unique hydraulic support system/rocker arm allows it to be opened and closed within seconds. 
  • The breathable, high-quality canvas is UV-cut and 100% waterproof. 
  • A hard shell made of fiberglass withstands any weather and provides a more luxurious experience. 
  • With double-glazed windows and doors, it is comfortable and breathable. 

#3. Bumper: Bumpers play an important role in protecting the vehicle body from unexpected collisions with animals or other light collisions. They are also used as a basis for attaching accessories such as winches and lights and are widely used on everything from general-purpose vehicles to disaster response vehicles. The calculated design not only accentuates the look of each vehicle but also improves the approach angle in off-road driving. Aluminum bumpers are all-new in 4×4 accessories that combine the highest level of strength and beauty using proven manufacturing processes. The stamp-molded, fine-grained, smooth-edged aluminum bumper is designed to fit comfortably on modern vehicles. 

#4. Winch Cover Panel: A winch installation kit is also available to accommodate a variety of winches up to a weight of 4500 kg. In addition, if you do not need a winch, you can achieve a clean finish by equipping it with the included cover panel. An aluminum winch cover panel is also included at the top of the bumper, which provides a clean finish even when the winch is not attached. 

#5. Air Compressor: Air compressors offer many advantages when traveling in the great outdoors. Whether you’re adjusting tire pressure, using air tools, activating an air rocker, or even demounting a tire from the wheel, the accessory is available to suit your needs. 


The 4×4 accessories are designed to withstand harsh environments and are individually subjected to a high-load leak test, current draw test, and flow test at the factory before packing. And for peace of mind, these accessories come with a two-year warranty and spare auto parts.

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