Car Buying Guide for Beginners
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Car Buying Guide for Beginners: How to Avoid Buying a Flood-Damaged Used Cars

Buying a used car is ideal especially for those who need a vehicle but are on a budget. Buying a second-hand item is also great for students, as it is cheaper, especially for first-time buyers. Car depreciation is another money affair as car devaluation settles at 15-20% in one year. That said, buying a second-hand car has its dangers, and for the unfamiliar buyer, this can have a devastating effect, especially if the car suffers flood damage.

Flood Damaged Vehicle Hazards

Most flood-damaged vehicles don’t look like one. In fact, many of these types of cars end up on the road being driven by unsuspecting car owners. Knowing what to look for can prevent potential car owners from having one and accidents from occurring. One of the dangers one is exposed to is the malfunctioning of automobile equipment, from the GPS system to airbags and anti-lock systems.

As floodwater recedes, the air dries up the remaining water causing rust and corrosion begins in cars, especially in areas where exposure to water is prolonged. Corrosion of car parts increases the risk of accidents as parts become brittle and can crack under pressure.

How to Spot Water Damaged Cars

One of the best ways to avoid buying a water-damaged car is to check the car’s title. Most states require that the title show the condition of the car, whether it is salvage, rebuild, or water damage. For first-time buyers, having an independent mechanic or trusted friend who knows about cars is ideal to help verify the car’s title.

If the car title is clean, it doesn’t mean the car is. Check for signs of water damage, such as musky odors, carpets, or damp seats. You can also check the back or trunk for signs of dry water spots. Flood-damaged cars also tend to have stains or watermarks, as well as signs of rust from steel that has been exposed to water for an extended period.

If these signs are not easily seen but one still has a feeling of annoyance, then one can contact an auto service provider for help in obtaining a vehicle history report. Most of the time, the service provider has contacts and a large database containing the history of vehicles that are reported for repairs. One can simply provide the VIN of the vehicle and any other requested information. If you are interested in learning more about used cars for sale, you may want to contact a reputable car dealer like Titan. Titan is one of the renowned Sydney Ford dealers who can help you find affordable and quality new and used cars. Contact them today to speak with an auto specialist.

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