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Does a GPS Tracker Reduce Car Insurance?

Technology has an answer for every problem in society, making it easier to deal with daily worries. With increasing awareness around security and surveillance, the need to keep track of possessions and belongings has increased. This need becomes significantly intensified when it comes to something as valuable as a car. Hence, keeping this in mind, cars now come equipped with GPS trackers to tackle the rising issue of car theft.

Car Theft in Australia

In many countries, including Australia, there are numerous cases of car theft that take place daily. It could be attributed to the fact that almost every household has a car, meaning the availability of vehicles to be stolen has increased compared to past times. According to surveys and research, lightweight vehicles are the easiest targets for theft in Australia. On average, one car is stolen every 13 minutes. In the year 2020, about 40,000 lightweight vehicles were stolen in Australia, which is pretty alarming. The research conducted into this matter also revealed that most of these thefts occurred within people’s homes. From this, the easiest target was cars that were parked in the driveways. This is not surprising considering that people are less worried about their vehicles once at home and consequently let their guard down regarding their safety. Moreover, breaking and entering is common in most countries and with car keys lying around the house unguarded, it becomes easy for thieves to proceed with their plans.

How to Protect Against Car Theft

There are several ways to go about dealing with car theft. New techniques and technology are introduced from time to time to keep car users from worrying about theft issues. An essential step taken to protect your car is to keep it locked at all times and the key stowed away in a safe place. There are also steering wheel locks available to prevent anyone from driving away with your car unless they access the lock key. Newer cars come with built-in alarm systems that are sensitive to burglary and will tip you off if someone is approaching your car with the wrong intent. Standard alarm systems make a loud noise if someone externally touches the vehicle. Still, with time, more sophisticated alarms have also been developed, which take protection up a few levels. A few of these include a siren going off if the key is taken out of the ignition, the car being immobilized in place if someone attempts to drive it, or the supply to the engine being cut off.

Of all these strategies to protect one’s car, GPS trackers for cars have gained popularity amongst the masses. Whilst the other methods can only attempt to prevent car theft and don’t offer anything if it does get stolen, GPS tracking is a great way to retrieve a car in the case of theft. A GPS tracker’s function is relatively self-explanatory. It keeps track of vehicles by sharing their live location with owners at all times. So, even in the case of car theft, the location can be shared with concerned authorities, and the car can be retrieved without fuss. This method of safety is fast becoming the most adopted protection system in Australia.

Why Is Security Important?

This discussion has probably raised a few questions in your mind as to why you need to go the extra mile to install a GPS tracking system in your car when the traditional anti-theft systems work in most cases. The obvious answer is that it is the most convenient method to recover a stolen vehicle by putting in minor work. However, there is a vast hidden benefit to getting a GPS tracker installed in your car, which is a reduction in your car insurance price. Yes, you heard that right. A small investment in a GPS tracker will protect your vehicle and save money in the long run. According to research conducted by Forbes, the installation of GPS trackers in cars can cut down premium insurance costs by 15%. This deduction occurs because tracking vehicles make the recovery process more manageable, which helps insurance companies greatly.

Moreover, since Car trackers also keep track of car performance, fuel consumption and driving patterns, they can encourage the drivers to better their performance and capabilities and keep themselves safe. This may, in turn, prevent accidents and mishaps which otherwise would have been unavoidable. Not only that, trackers can keep a tab on any faults that arise in the vehicle and notify the owner in a timely fashion, deterring further damage to the car. These benefits are very appealing to insurance companies, so they are willing to offer cheaper premium packages.

GPS Tracker Reviews

Vehicle users of all types widely appreciate vehicle tracker devices. As mentioned previously, these trackers are used to locate the vehicle and record the vehicles’ daily performance. This can prove pretty helpful to drivers who want to improve their driving skills and need cost-effective ways for fuel consumption. Along with numerous other countries, Australia has a massive market for these trackers, with various companies offering their services to vehicle owners. If you happen to be one of these car owners looking for a tracking company to get a GPS tracking system installed in your vehicle, then look no further than Trackometer, a well renowned Australian GPS tracking company.

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