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International travel insurance for classic cars

International travel insurance for classic cars with some of the best rates you’ll find anywhere. Find the right policy for your classic car, motorbike, caravan or camper van.

Why do you need International travel insurance for classic cars?

So, as you might expect, the classic car insurance market is huge. And it’s not just classic cars that are being insured. Worldwide there are more than 1 billion motorbikes on the road and there are a similar number of caravans or campervans.

So, when you take your classic car through an accident it is a real risk to the driver and their passengers. No matter if it’s a private or commercial vehicle, these classic vehicles need to be insured to cover the risks involved with them. They also need to be insured against theft and vandalism. And they need to be insured against damage caused by other drivers whilst they are on the road though they aren’t actually driving themselves.

It can sometimes seem like this is a huge and complex undertaking, but in reality, it’s not that difficult once you get down to what really matters – finding the right policy for your vehicle and obtaining quotes from all of the major insurers in order to find out who will give you the best value for money.

Here at Classic Car Insurance we have been helping thousands of people all over Europe since 2010 and we have seen great results from our work so far:  our clients saved an average of 24% on their premiums, many thanks to our brilliant quotes! But we do lots more than just quote insurance – we also offer comprehensive advice about what makes for a great policy which can save you even more money than that!

What is the best international travel insurance for classic cars?

If you’re heading off on a road trip with your classic car and you want to make sure it’s covered properly, then you’ve come to the right place.

We can help – we’ve been helping classic car owners around the world for many years and we’ve amassed a huge portfolio of insurance cover. We have some fantastic policies available for Classic Car Insurance, Motorcycles, Motorbikes, Caravans and Campervans. Our cover is comprehensive and will protect you from all possible risks.

We only use premium brands, so you can be sure that our cover applies to the best products on the market.

Just think: The safest motorbike insurance is provided by MetLife. They have one of the best policies for Classic Car Insurance in existence. We also use them for motorbike insurance. They have some great policies for Classic Car Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance and Motorbikes. You won’t find any better rates anywhere else!

Our coverage includes:

– Comprehensive medical treatment in the event of an accident (including any future accidents) you’ll get free doctor referrals when needed.

– Deductible amounts are always lower than those offered by other companies – we guarantee it! No hidden extras or inflated prices – just what’s stated on your policy.

– If you’re going abroad to countries where our policy isn’t available, we’ll take care of arranging a replacement policy at no extra cost to you. Get back home; get back into your car! You’re fully covered regardless of whether or not you drive there!

Classic Car Insurance – Best Price Guarantee – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What kind of covers do you need for your classic car?

For most people, their travel insurance is based on the type of vehicle they own and what it’s worth. For many of us, this is a fair assumption. But for many classic cars, there are additional policies available that cover everything from theft to damage to breakdown. How do you know which policy to get?

The first thing to do is to look at the vehicle itself. Which makes sense, because how much protection are you really getting? For example:

• Why bother with theft insurance on your classic car when the thief can just drive away and sell it for more than you paid?

• Why bother with breakdown coverage when the worst-case scenario is going to be a repair shop bill for about half what you paid for it?

• Why bother with theft insurance on your classic car when being able to drive away will cost more than the value of what you lost?

If you have a sports car that’s been in your family for years, then it makes sense to get an insurance policy that covers damage to the frame and bodywork as well as anything else. For example:

• If a vandal rips up one of your doors, would you be covered by theft or breakdown insurance?

• If someone breaks into your van while parked outside your house in broad daylight and steals it, would be breaking down inside the house be covered by theft or breakdown insurance?

Classic cars may not be able to make sense of all this information; they’re not built like computers. You’ll also want some cover if something goes wrong with them once they’re out there somewhere (such as if they fall down a driveway). Classic cars are also expensive (unless you have TLC), so take into account some sort of depreciation (so that if something does go wrong, at least it can be fixed instead of replaced), and remember that money lost through vandalism may not be covered by any policy at all. Finally, consider what other people who own similar cars have done with their vehicles over time (like selling them off or repairing them) — these things might give some insight into how well your vehicle will fare in terms of protection from things like vandalism/damage/breakdown. And remember that “classic car” can include old trucks and even boats! If your vehicle isn’t specifically covered by any specific policy but has some sort of bodywork or mechanical component attached, then even classic cars aren’t excluded from having.

How do I get the best classic car insurance quotes online?

Although the classic car market is somewhat niche, it’s not entirely unaffordable. A price is something to be avoided, but that doesn’t mean you should shirk your responsibilities. An international or cross-country trip with a classic car is one of the most expensive family holidays you will ever take. And it also involves a lot of responsibility. You need to make sure you have insurance for your classic car and other essentials like food and travel costs.

International travel insurance for classic cars is one of the best ways to ensure that you are covered for a cross-country trip with a classic car and other essentials like food and travel costs if something goes wrong, such as an accident or getting stuck somewhere.

If you have any questions about international travel insurance for classic cars, don’t hesitate to read more about US Travel Insurance Association.

When using the quotes above, remember that your vehicle may be insured under several different policies because there are many different types of policies available (and they can change constantly). So try to get as many quotes as possible before making a decision on which policy would be best for you.

What are the top 5 things you should look for in classic car insurance policies?

Classic car insurance is a relatively new market and one that has been developed over the past decade or so. It is an easily understood concept, but it can be hard to say what works for different people. So let’s start with some basics:

A classic car is defined as an automobile with a history of at least 50 years and one that has “classically significant” styling. These cars don’t have to carry all the bells and whistles but do have to be quite old. The criteria are established by the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), whose website provides more information about classic cars.

Classic cars are not necessarily collectible either: they are often used as daily drivers, in which case they should also be insured under these policies. Even if you have a collection of classics, some or all of them may not be worth owning if you have them covered by an insurance policy; our advice would be to take a look first at the IBC website to see what the premiums are for your type of car (that way you’ll know exactly how much it will cost).

The decision on whether you want classic car insurance or not is yours alone, but there are some things that you should consider before making your decision:

• Do you live in Canada? If so, then classic cars here are insured under provincial laws (and class limits apply). If not, then classic cars outside Canada may not be covered. International travel insurance for classic cars may cover international travel, but again we’d recommend checking first with the IBC website. This isn’t an area where we can help you figure out what each insurer offers — just make sure that if your policy does cover international travel that it covers your trip too! And even if it doesn’t cover your trip, then maybe it’s worth checking up on which policies cover both international travel and vehicle rentals in particular countries? Ideally, this would include any coverage under your home country’s policy too!

• Who will insure my classic car? If you don’t mind paying extra costs like depreciation charges on top of any other costs like liability coverage or collision coverage — then no problem. But if you do mind paying extra costs like this then there are several different types of plans available from various insurers around the world: Classic Cars International Insurance offers its customers globally through its own network of independent brokers and dealerships worldwide (all tradeshows) or through its broker network (a lot of


I love to travel and it’s a luxury I enjoy, but I really don’t like the idea of leaving my home to go somewhere and not knowing what will happen when I get there. It’s one of those things that you just can’t know until you try it, so when the time comes, I do it. This is why I was most excited to hear about Classic Car Insurance from The Car Insurance Trust.

This is a company that offers insurance for classic cars as well as motorcycles, motorbikes and trailers. They have excellent coverage for all types of classic cars, from antique buses and tricycles to creation-grade sports cars like the Bugatti Veyron or Koenigsegg Agera. And they offer coverage for classic car rentals too!

The rates are extremely competitive and you can save up to 50% off the usually outrageous prices offered by other companies that offer only cover for classic car rental (or bikes). So if you want to take your love of vintage cars abroad and then also want to save money doing it, this company should be at the top of your list! Read more here:

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