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What Are The Several Facilities That A Major Car Service Offers?

major car service

It is very important to understand the requirements of car service. Each car has a different mechanism, power, and ability. These things decide the different features of cars and the facilities they provide. So, each car model needs different kinds of required services.

What Are the Different Car Services?

In the automobile industry, cars have different popularity bases for particular models. Because every model has a different type of engine setup and functions, even gear setup also. As a result, different cars come under different service programs. In the car service program, there are two kinds of services – minor car service and major car service.

These services mainly depend on the distance covered by the cars. The need for minor services happens when the car starts creating problems every ten thousand kilometers to fifteen thousand kilometers (10000km to 15000km). The requirement of a major car service happens when the car starts having problems every thirty thousand kilometers to forty-five thousand kilometers (30000 km to 45000km).

The Major Car Service Facilities

There are many sections in the major car service that facilitates you.

  • The first step of the major car service facilities is the oil filter system check. It is the primary care of the car. Dirty oil gets stuck in the line sometimes and can damage the running power of a car system in the long term.
  • The next step is the check and confirmation of the car’s safety issues and functions. Bad and damaged safety programs can affect car safety and riders as well. So, it is a very crucial step that is followed by major car services experts.
  • Another important thing to examine is the inspection of tires and pressures. Proper pressure of the tire is important for long-term service. It also gives you a safe drive.
  • The important parts of the engine also need proper checking. The cooling system of the engine needs to have proper service. This function cools down the engine when you drive a long way or in summer drives.
  • The next important service in major car service facilities is a proper check of the longevity of the battery. Poor battery life can damage the car in long term.
  • Another important service facility in major car service is checking the braking system of the car. If the brakes are not working properly, that can be life-risking for both rider and car.
  • The vital service facility in major car service is the proper examination of spark plugs. The condition of spark plugs indicates the engine status and the greasy oil leak problem in the car.
  • An important facility a major car service program gives is changing all transmission oil segments.

These are the primary facilities of the major car service program. Besides these facilities, there are many checking points like air filter inspection, windscreen wipers, washers’ inspection, and fuel filters inspection. The list further includes the air conditioning system, steering work function, the lights inspection, the belts, and the exhaust transmission inspection. It also includes the proper checking of external engine belts.


The automobile industry is growing larger day by day as the demand for various car models increases. This is the main reason for the growth of car service business segments. The car service detects many minor problems which can be a big problem in the future. Soh, it is important to do the car servicing once a year. It ensures the functions of the car are working properly or not. It is also important after the car service, to recheck all the functions are working properly. For proper inspection, it is better to have expert guidance and professional mechanics.

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