Guaranteeing the privacy of the users of eFour Wheel is a very important thing to us. We want users to know exactly how we deal with the information they provide. So, to help you understand how you are covered, here we’ll present the way your details are gathered and used.

Log Files

The main purpose of the log files is to record the users whenever they land on the site. The data that’s gathered through these files follows the standard utilization process and consists of IP addresses, Internet Service Provider, type of browser, visited pages, date and time, and even number of clicks. However, none of them is in any way linked to the personally identifiable details of the users. Instead, the gathered data is mainly aimed at analysis, site administration, following the interaction of the users as well as getting to know the demographics.


Cookies are an integral part of every website. eFour Wheel’s cookies are there to keep the details about the preferences of the users and the pages they went to. That way, we can improve your experience on the site and customize it to match the type of your browser and your needs.

One of the most common cookies you’ll encounter is the DART cookie, placed by Google. As a third party on our site, Google uses these cookies to present advertisements to the users. But there’s no need to worry as you have the right to decline the utilization of DART cookies and stop seeing the ads. To do this you should only go to this link.

Details About Children

Keeping children safe while they are browsing through the Internet is another vital thing we pay attention to. Therefore, we advise parents and guardians to be a part of and monitor their children’s online activities.

We do not collect personal details from children that are under 13 years old. However, if by any chance you doubt this and you think that your child gave out some information like this, feel free to write to us and we will erase those details from our database.

Privacy Policy of Third Parties

We are not connected to or responsible for the privacy policies of third parties. And our policy is in no way applicable to other websites and advertisers. So, to obtain more information on a certain matter regarding this, we encourage you to consult the privacy policies of the respective parties.

Online Policy

Have in mind that only our online activities fall under this privacy policy and only the users that came and used the website should feel bound by it. Moreover, it is not relevant for data that is gathered offline or from channels and websites other than this one.


If you continue to utilize the site and its pages, you accept this privacy policy and everything said in it.

Contact Us

For any requirements or questions you may have regarding this privacy policy, you can freely get in touch with us through