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What Is Short Term Car Insurance and Why It Is Important

Short Term Car Insurance

A partner to all the cars around the world, automobile insurance is something drivers need and talk about all the time. Whether it’s the price, the coverage, the policy or the plethora of available types, car insurance is a complex matter with all sorts of key terms you should know. So, today we’ll talk about the short term car insurance.

Short Term Car Insurance
Defining the Short Term Car Insurance

As the name suggests, this cover lasts for a brief period of time. What’s more, it provides a couple of useful benefits and it may come in handy in certain situations, which we’ll talk about in the following paragraphs. That’s why hold tight and take some notes while reading. Enjoy!

Defining the Short Term Car Insurance

In general, the short term car insurance (which is sometimes called temporary car insurance) provides full and comprehensive coverage for a short period of time that, usually, ranges from one day to twenty-eight days.

This automobile insurance solution is useful for doing regular routine tasks like going to work or shopping at the supermarket and even urgent events like going to the hospital when an individual borrows you a vehicle and isn’t under your current insurance policy.

If you’re wondering why people choose it and bring it up more frequently, it’s because it does a great job and costs less than purchasing a new policy or even changing your existing one. Plus, it’s very common for insurance companies to put a standard policy on the vehicle that actually lasts for a full term aka twelve months. And policies for a few days aren’t their usual thing, so that’s the reason why people go for the short term insurance options.

Individuals Who May Need Short Term Car Insurance

After we’ve discussed the definition and the meaning, it’s time to take a closer look at the people who may be interested in this type of insurance. It’s interesting to note that it’s not the regular type and it’s used for a couple of specific events.

Short term car insurance
Short Term Car Insurance

The obvious choice is – young and inexperienced drivers. Yes, they’ve just passed the driving tests and they, usually, don’t even own their own vehicle. So, youngsters don’t need the car full time like adults do. The temporary car insurance will provide coverage for a couple of days while they go on trips, visit colleges, attend music festivals and so on while driving someone else’s car – a friend’s one or one belonging to a family member or relative.

While we’re speaking of newbie drivers, people who learn how to drive also need insurance of this type. Especially when taking driving lessons sporadically. Full-length, usual car insurance is way pricier and for this occasion, a short term one would do just right.

Owning a second car means more insurance and that may be a great burden to your budget. But imagine having a classic car or a sports one which you only drive during the weekends or on holidays… A regular insurance policy would go through the roof. That’s when the short term insurance comes into the picture. Its coverage will protect you during the short period of time you’re driving this special type of vehicle.

The temporary type fits individuals who need insurance just for a day due to their own reasons like moving or visiting a foreign country or something else entirely, too.

Having said that, there are other unusual situations when a short term automobile insurance will satisfy the needs of the driver. Some of those include renting a car that you don’t own, being in-between cars, purchasing a vehicle with intent to resell it very soon, being worried about the liability of the car and adding more insurance, and similar.

Features of the Short Term Car Insurance

As we’ve previously stated, this alternative solution to the regular one-year policy offers numerous features that may be interesting and alluring to certain individuals. So, let’s dive deeper into them.

  • Immediate Coverage – This means that you’re covered since the moment you purchase the short term car insurance.
  • On a Daily Basis – This type of automobile insurance provides coverage daily. Add to this, there’s also an option for you to be covered even for just one single day.
  • Possible Covers – The optional coverage is aimed at scratches, putting the wrong fuel in the vehicle, dents, alloy wheels, and more.
  • Being at Ease – You can drive relaxed and with a peaceful mind because you know you are insured even for the short period and the specific situation you’ve found yourself in.
  • Make Arrangements – With the temporary car insurance, you can arrange the insurance in advance. Some companies enable you to arrange the coverage even for thirty days beforehand.

The Process for Getting Short Term Car Insurance

One of the features of this way of insuring your vehicle is that you can arrange for the policy to begin right after the purchasing takes place. Of course, that’s done with the permission of the owner of the car.

Moreover, for the short term car insurance to work the person needs to provide a few pieces of information such as personal details including name, address of living, et cetera; information about the car that is going to be insured; the driving license of the person as well as the history spent driving; the time when the coverage should start and end; and other similar bits.

Final Words – Why Short Term Car Insurance Is Important

The temporary vehicle insurance is important for the simple reason that it gets the job done without bothering to sign up for a normal policy that would last for a year. Emergencies happen – whether it’s going on a trip to another country, needing a bigger car for moving, going to work in case the car is broken and into the garage or something else… The short term insurance will also do the job in routine activities like going shopping or to work in another person’s car. A great plus is that it’s cheaper and serves you for a short period of time which may be crucial to you. What’s your opinion on this? Tell us all about it!

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