This is an agreement that contains all the terms and conditions related to the utilization of this website – eFour Wheel. The two parties are the operator of the site and the user – you. By using the pages, you agree to everything said in these terms. Unless you abide by them, you may face exclusion from the website.

Modifications of This Agreement

We attain the right to change and modify these terms and conditions without previous notice. Therefore it’s on you to come back and read through them before proceeding with the usage of the site.

Preserving Content

The content placed on the website isn’t our responsibility. So, in the event of a possible loss of content, we should not be blamed. The obligation to preserve your content falls solely on the user. While sometimes some of the information may be restored upon deletion due to our backing up for personal goals, there is absolutely o guarantee that this will always be the case.


In some instances, you may encounter advertisements and promotions on the website. Also, you may participate in the actions required by the sponsors or advertisers. However, you and the third party fully answer about any warranties, terms, clauses, conditions or representations that come as a result of such an activity. We do not have any responsibility, obligation or liability regarding the promotion or purchase made by you and the third party.

Liability Limits

According to the law and everything that is allowed by it, the website operator, as well as the employees, affiliates, officers, agents, licensors or sponsors, will in no way be held accountable for: any possible damages that are indirect or accidental and are connected to lost profits, sales, usage of the website, content, goodwill, loss of business chance and others similar to these that fall under an accountability theory, incorporating but not limited to a warranty, contract or any sort of breach. This is applicable even in the case when the operator has been made aware that such damages may occur eventually. Therefore, the liability of the operator and everyone connected to us professionally will be no more than one dollar or the sum you have truly paid in the event of damage.

Website Changes

We have the right to change this Agreement or any other policies or content on the website. The changes would take effect when the version of the Agreement with all the new updates is posted on the website. If that happens, there will be a notification displayed on the homepage of this website. If you still use this website after the changes have been announced, it’s considered that you accept them.

Accepting the Terms and Conditions

It’s your obligation to read these terms and conditions and accept everything that’s being written here. With accepting to utilize this website, we have your consent that you accept to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you don’t approve of them, you don’t have the authorization to visit or use this website or the service that we provide.


For any questions or inquiries regarding the Terms and Conditions, you should contact us.